Maui Camper Rentals

Campervans for Enthusiasts

Whatever your particular hobby, a campervan vacation on Maui can bring you a little closer to the experience you crave. Surfing? You already know that sleeping near your chosen spot gives you more time in the water. Kayaking? Same. Fishing? You can cook what you catch within minutes.

Ahem, birdwatching? Well, obviously you are far more likely to view that elusive species out in nature and away from the big resort areas. And some of Maui’s most beautiful birds, like the pueo (also known for being one of the most famous of the physical forms assumed by Hawaiian ancestors, or ʻaumākua in Hawaiian culture) are most easily spotted at dusk. Unlike most owls, however, the pueo are also often seen during the day.

If wineries are your thing, you can park and taste, and have a nap right there. Golf? Transport your gear directly to the course. No need to arrange transport for your clubs.

A camper or van rental gets you closest to the things you love on Maui.