Maui Camper Rentals

Campervans for a Vacation with Variety

A resort might seem like a ritzy week of leisure in paradise, but face it. We live in an age of variety, and we like to switch things up. Having a mobile resort-on-wheels at your disposal is like getting to flip through sound bites on YouTube, but instead of comedians and singing phenoms, your experience is a different breathtaking island destination each day, or several a day, if you like.

Renting a campervan for a Maui vacation is a great plan for those who crave variety, and want to engineer their unique island experience. For example, if you wake up for sunrise at Haleakala, and the trade winds are gusting across the North Shore, you can drive your hotel right on down to Ho’okipa Beach Park, arguably the most renowned windsurfing spot in the world. If it’s a calmer day wind-wise, you could drive your camper or van over to Kula and zipline through the trees, take a winery tour, or meander through a lavender farm with a view for days.

And afterwards? Find a sweet spot to park your mobile resort, and watch the sunrise with your crew, planning the next day’s perfect itinerary (with a little wiggle room for the unexpected.)