Maui Van Rentals

Camping on Maui in a Rental Van

Chasing surf, chasing sun, chasing relaxation, waterfalls, sunsets, whales…All of this is best done in a camper or van on Maui. You can be single minded in your unique search for…whatever you came to Maui to find.

Our campervan models are either cool and nostalgic, or modern, and all come fully equipped for your pursuits to be convenient so you can focus on…anything other than the details. With camping, cooking and sleeping supplies and maps all supplied, we’ve taken care of the details for you. So you can spend more time out doing your thing on the island, or resting and rejuvenating. (This is your vacation, after all.)

In one of our Maui Campers, you’ll drive smoothly, sleep comfortably, cook with all the amenities, and live the dream of van life while camping on Maui. We even have additional items we can add to your van, like chairs, tables, tents, hammocks, car seats, snorkel sets, and more. Let us know what you will need when you make your reservation request, and we will make sure we have it available for you.