Maui Camper Van Rentals

What to bring in your Maui Camper Rental

All you need is the wind in your hair and the shirt on your back. Haha! You would probably be fine with just that but here are a few other items you might want to have in your Maui Van Rental.

Food and water. Now this is not a must if you plan on driving somewhere for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I find that when renting a camper, especially an awesome and well-equipped
VW Bus or Westfalia, it’s best to just have all I need on-hand in case we find ourselves at a beautiful, sunny, relaxing beach and don’t want to leave, which is a high probability. Make sure to check the specs of your Maui camper to make sure what it has so that you will know what kind of food to bring and whether it needs to be heated up or kept refrigerated.

Clothes and bathing suits. You will need these items only some of the time. Depending on which beach you decide to explore. But, I find, it is nice to have options should you find yourself chilly or the ocean calls to you at any given time.

A towel. Towels are nice because after a glorious ocean swim, you can dry off, kick back, and not worry about getting your space wet.

Friends. Camping by yourself is an experience all on its own and would be a really great one at that! But once in a while, if you decide to make it a group trip, it is sure to hold unforgettable memories and be a ton of fun! Well I think that’s it folks! Not much needed when you rent a Maui Van or Camper!