Maui Camper Van Rentals


Renting a van or camper in Maui is often the first step toward your adventures along the Hana Highway, a 64 mile stretch of winding (600 curves, to be precise) emerald mountain magnificence boasting 54 (often one-way) bridges. The road begins when you leave the airport in Kahalui, and ends in the sleepy town of Hana.

Your van or Westy or Honda Element rental ensures that you will sleep comfortably in any campsite along the way. One mostly undiscovered campsite is located about three quarters of the way to Hana town, on the Keanae Peninsula, at the YMCA camp.

The YMCA Camp Keanae offers dorm rooms and cottages, but the best deal is a camping spot, which will most likely offer sweeping views of the lush green peninsula jutting out into the restless ocean. And, now it’s whale season, so be on the lookout for spouts!

Keanae offers a glimpse into a more traditional Hawaiian culture, very reliant on tarot growing. Interacting with the locals here might provide a glimpse into their spirit of relating to the land, aina. You might hear a tarot farmer speak of caring for the land in return for its care and sustenance.

Keanae is a beautiful stop to add to your Hana camping itinerary!