Maui Van Rentals

Camping Island Style

We’re going camping, we’re going camping! Thanks to Maui Van Rentals! I have always wanted to rent a Maui Camper Rental. I have lived here forever and have never done Maui Haleakala camping or Waianapanapa Camping, or any Maui Camping at all! I always got a little freaked out by the sleeping outdoors part of it. Mosquito’s and whatever other bugs lurk out there, maybe centipedes or scorpions!

But finally we decided to get a Maui Westfalia rental, it’s a VW bus rental, and we are so excited! Going next weekend. Having a Maui van rental will be like a house on wheels! But it will be a Maui Camper! I think I could get used to it. Maybe I should move into my Maui VW bus rental. I could just rent it forever! Well maybe not forever but I can definitely imagine getting a Maui Westfalia rental at least every weekend or maybe a Maui Van rental once a month to do some Maui Haleakala camping. It’s gorgeous up there!

We could drive our VW bus camping rental up to Haleakala to see the sunset, or actually, I think they even have Haleakala Camping available. That would be so awesome! Getting this Maui Camper rental is going to change our lives. We finally took the first step to try it out. Now we will be familiar with how getting a Maui Van Rental works, we can take our kids, spend a beautiful day at the beach, and just stay there, safe and sound in our Maui camping rental.