Maui Camper Van Rentals

My Favorite Camping Spots on the Island

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful island of Maui, you can’t go wrong with renting a comfortable, spacious camper van to set out and explore in. Here are some of my favoirte sites to cruise to and camp.

1) Hosmers Grove Campground. This beautiful spot is located just below 7,000 ft level of the Haleakala Summit, tucked in a cool and breazy nook. There are many camping sites and spots to park your Maui Westfalia, VW Bus, or Campervan, and you can spend the day on the beautiful hiking trails that pass through lush greenery and vibrate, natural volcanic structures. There’s so much to see up in Haleakala, and Hosmers Grove is the perfect spot to park your Maui Camper Rental and explore the beautiful back country.

2) Kipahulu Wilderness
If you’re seeking out a quiet, private getaway, Kipahulu is the perfect area to drive to and post up for a weekend of exploration and relaxation. You will find beautiful sites to park your camper, set up, and wander through the gorgeous, isolating wilderness where you’ll discover many waterfalls, and native wildlife. To get to Kipahulu you will have an amazing adventure on the road to Hana and treat yourself to some of Maui’s most spectacular hidden treasures along the way.

3) Kanaha Beach Park
As well as many private wilderness sites, Maui also offers wonderful beach side camping so the north shore waves are always available to you. Kanaha Beach Park is located just North of the Kahului Airport and just minutes away from town so you can grab dinner at one of the many delicious local restaurants and then cruis back to your beach side camping spot. Wake up to the oceans waves just right outside your camping spot, and see the miraculous streams of light and color that the each mornings sunrise has to offer. The beach stretches for miles so whether your in the mood for a relaxing swim, a morning surf session, or a day of kite surfing, you’ll be all set to drive your camper van to any spot along the shore and have an unforgettably Maui experience!

Maui has so much to offer and Maui Campers and Vans is here to help your family find the best camper rentals, VW Bus Rentals, or Westfalia Rentals, to make your experience the best imaginable.