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Maui Campervan Fun

Face it: it’s time. It’s time to visit Maui because the sun is shining a little bit longer every day. It’s time to visit Maui because the whales and dolphins have arrived. It’s time to visit Maui because…rainbows, and surf, and rainbow-colored sand that the waves wash up on. Not to mention, there are rainbow colored birds and fruits, and Campervans. (Well, not really, we just wanted to check and see if you were still paying attention).

There is something about camping, especially in the luxury of a Westfalia, Modern Van, or Element, that brings out your inner sense of fun and freedom. While the great outdoors is a beautiful playground, deserving respect of course, what is there to do after sunset while camping on Maui?

Let your inner child loose. We suggest Campervan games. Campervan treasure hunt. Campervan pillow fort. Campervan crafts. The possibilities are endless, both in the Campervan and on the beautiful rainbow-splashed island of Maui.