Maui Camper Rentals

Is your mind telling you it’s time for a camping trip?

My mind is always telling me it’s time to relax. And that’s exactly what happens when you get a Maui Camper. You pick up your van rental, you grab some snacks, you park. And that’s really all there is to it. Studies show that there are many benefits to camping also. People tend to eat healthier, sleep better, and experience a decrease in anxiety. Makes sense given the usual Maui Camping environment.

Fresh air. Most designated camping areas are surrounded by the many varieties of trees that grow on Maui. Sleeping and spending time in a tree-thick environment is known to help better your brain functionality and increase your oxygen levels, which then releases the natural happy sensors in your body, in turn, lowering your stress levels.

Exercise. Camping is bound to lead to exercise. When you rent a Maui VW bus or Westfalia, you often will find yourself hiking, fishing, playing sports, walking to explore, and swimming. Exercise, especially doing activities you are enjoying, causes your cardiovascular system to activate and this benefits your heart and lungs.

Better Sleep. When you camp, you can become absorbed by the sounds of nature or the sound of silence. After a long day of exploring and having fun in the sun, the soft, comfortable bed in your Maui camper is just what your body is craving. You can sleep for as long as you need and may even find that a good night’s sleep will reduce inflammation in your muscles, and you will wake up more refreshed and content than you have in a long time.