Maui Camper and Van Rentals

Nuts about Westfalia

Yes, I admit it. I’m a nut. More importantly though, I’m nuts about camping. That’s why Maui Van Rentals exists. Nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle and going on a camping trip. Your family may like to camp or has never gone before but camping on Maui is a must try and best done from inside a Maui Van Rental. I say this mostly because there are plenty of bugs here and it is nice to be able to curl up inside your safe and sound, bug-free camper. There are tons of mosquitos and the lusher the grounds, the nicer it is to have a bug- free zone to descend into once it’s time for sleep.

I prefer to have a Maui Van not only because of the bugs though, it is also great because instead of being tied down to one location, you have the option to explore the island. You can travel from one destination to the next and fill your days with much more beauty than when staying at a hotel. I have found that many hotel and resort visitors end up spending a lot of their vacation just sitting at the hotel. They tend to miss out on a lot and I imagine that when they return home from their vacation, they feel they missed out somehow.

The Westfalia is also equipped with everything you need and can hold up to four people. Camping in Maui is an unforgettable experience and surely one your family will treasure for a lifetime.