Maui Camper Van Rentals

Where to go, What to do?

Camping in general is usually a great time and a fun-filled experience, but camping on Maui, especially in a Maui Camper, is like no other. There are places to camp here that you just don’t get to explore in other areas. Especially camp sites that are embraced with culture, legend, and mystery. I’ll tell you about a couple of those spots.

Waianapanapa Camping. At Waianapanapa you will find a black sand beach, lava tubes, blowholes, freshwater caves, seabird colonies, and a natural stone arch. It is a great place to bring your Maui Van Rental. There are picnic tables and camping amenities as well. You will also learn about the legend of the Waianapanapa Cave. The cave is said to be the site of an ancient murder. The story tells of a powerful warrior who fell in love with a young chieftess and married her. The warrior soon became jealous and suspicious of his wife and made her life miserable. She then fled and discovered the cave of Waianapanapa, where she felt safe. Until the warrior began his search for her. One day, he found himself in the very spot that she had been hiding and he and his men killed her and friend. To this day, you can still see the blood-stained rocks and occasionally catch a glimpse of the red flowing waters.

Haleakala Camping at Hosmer Grove Campground. Hosmer Grove is just below the 7,000- foot level of the Haleakala summit. It could become cold and rainy here and due to the elevation, the temperatures can become quite chilly! This is the perfect spot to have a VW Bus or Westfalia camper at. The campgrounds do have amenities such as picnic tables, BBQ’s, water, and pit toilets. Hiking in this area is spectacular. Just make sure to learn about the legend of the Night Marchers beforehand.

The legend states that on certain nights which are designated to honor the Hawaiian Gods, warriors, dressed in battle gear and carrying spears, march in the darkness along their path, beating their drums to announce their march. It is said, should you ever hear the night marchers marching on a path nearby, you must go inside immediately, or lay on the ground, and not look in order to avoid harm or death. I must say, this is another excellent reason to have the comfort and conceal of your Maui camper.