Maui Van Rentals

Winter Camping in Maui

There are so many reasons to choose the winter months to plan your island holiday to Maui.

Here are a few reasons to start packing your bags and booking your flight this month!
1)Cheap! In the winter months, Maui Campers and Vans offers very affordable rates on our Van, Camper Van, Westfalia, and VW Bus Rentals. Plan a trip with your friends in one of our comfortable, spacious Maui Camper rentals and save tons!

2)Freedom! There are so many incredible camping spots all along Maui’s shores and back country to seek out and park your camper at. Any area you want to explore on the island, there’s likely a camping spot perfectly tucked away for your next adventure to begin.

3)Cooking! Traveling can be expensive, especially when you’re reliant on restaurants for all of your meals. Our Maui Camper Rentals come stocked with all that you need to prepare and cook your own meals so you can enjoy dinner wherever you end up at the end of your days adventure, and save tons!

4) Memories! Make the most spectacular memories on your winter holiday in Hawaii this year when you book with Maui Campers and Vans. You can relax knowing that you’re getting the most affordable accommodation and transportation and have access to all of the wonders of our beautiful island paradise. Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your camping adventure!